7 Perfect Gifts For The Fitness Fanatic

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Everyone has that special someone in their life who happens to love the gym more than they love you! My lovely friend Abby, who is one of those people that loves to workout (check her Instagram out here) helped me develop the ultimate gift guide for your favorite fitness fanatic!

person holding barbell
Photo by Victor Freitas on Pexels.com

The Gift Guide:

  • Resistance Bands: Resistance bands are a great gift especially if you want to get something that isn’t crazy expensive. Since some gyms don’t have resistance bands, these would be great for someone to keep in their gym bag to enhance their workout.
  • Shaker Bottle: This one is a little obvious, but this bottle is good for more than just water. It’s made for protein powder, but it also works for pre-workout and powder supplements. However, this water bottle is used it’s a great multipurpose item.
  • Gym Wear: While every person who spends a decent amount of time at the gym will have some gym wear. It’s nice to have some quality gym wear that will make you feel your best as you workout.
  • Gym Bag: For someone who spends significant time at the gym and might even get ready for work or a night out there will love a gym bag. This is an excellent gift whether they put clothes for the rest of their day, shower stuff, or equipment that they like to bring with them! Check out one of my favorite YouTubers ‘what’s in my gym bag’ video here.
  • Yoga Mat: A yoga mat is great for someone who loves yoga, but is also useful for anyone who works out in general! Yoga mats are good for yoga, stretching, HIIT workouts, and conditioning training.
  • Headphones: Most people who like wearing headphones while they workout probably already have some headphones. However, some people might want a better pair of headphones or even some wireless headphones.
  • Compression Socks/ Sleeves: This is a great gift for runners! My dad and I wear these when we run, and they always make my shins splints feel so much better.

Links for the Perfect Present!



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