5 Best Hair Products To Survive The Winter

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for us curly hair girls! I do have naturally curly hair, although I prefer to curl my hair!  The lack of humidity and the colder weather has the benefits of less frizzy and more smooth looking hair. Unfortunately, the cold weather also dries out my hair and my scalp. I know the struggle of trying to find hair products that work. Here are all the products that I use to help my hair survive the winter!

Winter Hair 2

  1. Head and Shoulders 2in1 Shampoo*: This product is inexpensive and saves my hair from continually looking like I’ve been outside in the snow. Dandruff is terrible, but this is the best and only shampoo that works for me! (I usually get this in a massive container at Sam’s club)
  2. Macadamia Deep Oil Repair Masque*: This is my holy grail product. I LOVE this product, and I recommend it to everyone I talk to about hair! I use this as my regular conditioner even though it’s a mask because it makes my hair so soft and shiny! (I chose a link for Amazon, but to get the best price buy this at TJMaxx or Marshalls!)
  3. CHI Silk Infusion*: I am all about the hair oils! This oil is excellent, and I love it so much! I put it in my hair after towel drying it, and I just let it soak in and make my hair smooth.
  4. Redken Glow Dry Diamond Oil*: Like I said, oils are the best! I don’t blow dry my hair, but I do use this oil to help protect my hair when I use my curling iron. I use this oil when I put the CHI oil in my hair!
  5. Nume 3in1 Titanium Hair Wand: This curling set is the best thing that I have ever discovered! I used to straighten my hair and then curl it hoping that the curls would stay, and they never did. Then I found this curling wand and my life changed. It’s titanium, so it doesn’t damage your hair as much as ceramic, and my hair is always smooth and never frizzy when I use this wand!





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