7 Gifts For The Host and Hostess

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Now that it’s November it’s officially the holiday season. This time of the year is surrounded by many holidays celebrated by many different people. The holiday season also means a copious amount of holiday parties. No matter how many parties I attend the question always remains, what do I bring? I always feel awkward showing up to someone’s home without bringing a gift for them. So, I decided to make a guide to help all of you decide what to bring during all these holiday parties and any other dinner party you are invited to.

christmas gift 2.jpg

  1. Wine or Another Fancy Drink: Wine (when you’re of age) is a great gift and appreciated by most hosts. Whether they want to open for everyone to share or save it to relax after everyone is gone. Wine is a classic and appreciated gift. If your host does not drink alcohol then a sparkling juice or non-alcoholic wine would also be a great gift.
  2. Themed Gift Basket: A small gift basket is another great gift. Some examples of a perfect gift basket are a classic hickory farms basket or a small basket of baked goods. If you know the host well enough you can aim for a more personalized basket like a coffee basket for the coffee addict or a popcorn tin for someone who loves to snack. The more personal the gift the better, but if you don’t know them well I would stick with the classics.
  3. Flowers or a Small Potted Plant: Bringing flowers or a small plant is always a good way to say thank you to your host for inviting you over to their home. A seasonal arrangement is always the best option in hopes to coordinate with any decor the host has for the season. A seasonal plant is also a good idea a small poinsettia during the Christmas or a mini collection of succulents for any time of the year.
  4. A Box of Chocolates: A box of chocolates is a great gift and can be another way for the host to unwind after all the guests leave. I would try and get a more high-end box of chocolates instead of a simple box cheap chocolates from the grocery store. The fancier the part the more high-end the chocolate should be.
  5. A Candle: A simple, but effective gift is a candle. Most hosts will love a beautifully scented candle and even better if the scent fits with the season or theme of the party. I always recommend Bath and Body Works for a more relaxed party and Joe Malone for a more elegant event.
  6. Some coffee or tea: If you know your host and their hot drink preference you can get them some tea or coffee. Whether it’s their favorite Starbucks blend or an assorted box of tea from their favorite brand. Giving a gift like this will show the host that you thought of them specifically and pick a gift accordingly.
  7. A book: If you don’t know your host well there are some great coffee table books that would make a great gift for anyone. However, if you know your host will you can pick a book that you know they will enjoy. Either way, a book is a great option for most hosts.

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