7 Things To Put In A College Care Package

Every college student enjoys receiving mail while away at school. We especially love to receive care packages full of things that remind us of home. Now that college has sunk in, and we are starting to get buried in papers, projects, and reading, here are some things to include in a care package for a busy college student.

1. Money and Gift Cards

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College is expensive and college students always enjoy an extra couple of dollars for snacks, coffee, clothes, and eating out. While cash is great, gift cards are great too! Some of the best places to get gift cards for are grocery stores, Buffalo Wild Wings, Applebee’s, Old Navy, TJ Maxx, Target, Amazon, and of course Starbucks!

2. Snacks and Candy

food snack popcorn movie theater
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Some snacks for studying, movie nights, or just a chill weekend with friends are great to receive in a care package. Some suggested snacks are popcorn, goldfish, veggie straws, or anything else you know that student likes! Of course, to balance out the saltiness, sending some sweets like Reese’s, KitKat, fruit snacks, and again, just send the students favorite (don’t be afraid to ask them.)

3. A Hand-Written Note

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A hand-written note has the power to change a stressful lousy day into a memorable one. Knowing that someone took the time to sit down and write a letter instead of sending a quick text can make a difference.

4. Socks and Comfy Clothes

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Especially in the north most of our school days are spent in the cold and some comfy socks or clothes can keep us warm and happy when studying or watching movies with our friends. Some common suggestions are comfy pajamas (Christmas-themed ones are great for December), sweaters, leggings, blankets, and of course, the fuzzier the socks the better.

5. Mugs and Coffee

six white ceramic mugs
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Most college students depend on coffee to help them get through the day, every day. A cute mug or travel mug is a great gift to feed the necessary addiction. Also, most students have a Keurig or something similar, so another great gift is some K Cups!

6. Movies

app entertainment ipad mockup
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Again, with the movie nights. Movie nights are a common occurrence for a weekend in. While most of us do have a streaming service of some sort not all movies are on those services. Check my go-to fall movies for some suggestions on what movies to send in your care package.

7. Homemade treats

cookies on square white ceramic plate
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When I asked my friends what they would like to receive in a care package many of them said homemade treats of some kind. Some examples of those treats are banana bread, pumpkin bread, cookies, brownies, and homemade rice crispy treats.