6 Best T.V. Shows to Binge This Fall

Gilmore Girls


Not only is Gilmore Girls my favorite show ever, but it is also a great show to watch in the fall. The small town and fall themed intro makes this show perfect for this time of the year. The show starts with Rory going to back to school, which gives it the ideal fall feeling.

Once Upon A Time


I have no real reason that this show reminds me of fall other than I started watching the show in the fall so whenever I watch the show, I get major nostalgia for colorful leaves and fresh apple cider.



Longmire is the perfect crime show to watch in the fall. The show takes place in Wyoming, but with the red toned scenery and murder-based episodes, fall is the ideal time to watch.

Stranger Things


While I think this one is a little self-explanatory, nothing says fall like a creepy thriller that will remind you of Halloween. Plus, I believe Eleven was the most popular Halloween costume last year, so I think that helps prove my point.



Again, with the creepy shows! My friend Rory recommended this show to me a couple years ago, and I love it! Not only did I start watching this show in the fall but with the show being based on paranormal and supernatural activity, it’s a great show to begin in the fall.

Parks and Recreation


This show takes place during every season of the year, but this show is a fall show to me for many reasons. My brother and his wife started to watch this show in the fall which is why they agree that this show is a perfect fall watch. Since I attend college in Indiana where the show takes place, it always reminds me of the fall semester and the great state where I attend college.